Thursday, June 21, 2012

European Vacation: The Long Trip to Rome

By Leo Babauta

June 18-19
What a long journey! It started a bit after 6 pm on Monday June 18 in San Francisco, when we left our house and took the J train to Civic Center, where we then caught BART to the SFO airport, then took the air train to the terminal. We ate dinner after going through security and barely made the flight!

The flight itself was really long -- about 11 hours from San Francisco to Munich. The plane was great -- lots of little touches to make you more comfortable, great service from the flight crew, free wine, hot towels and more. Lufthansa is excellent!

Munich had a great airport -- clean, modern, nice. We went through the passport security, ate some pastries and coffee and juice, after about 2 hours took our connecting flight to Rome. This second flight was 1 1/2 hours. Finally we were at the Rome airport, walked a bit to find the express train, took the train to Rome Termini station (about 30 minute ride).

At Termini, we had to try to withdraw more money and use a pay phone, which was difficult. Finally we got a couple of taxis (not without trouble) and 10 minutes later were in our apartment. René showed us around and we paid most of the fee, then settled into the place. By this time it was a bit after 10 pm Rome time on Tuesday June 19 -- about 21 hours after we left home. We were exhausted!

The apartment isn't luxurious, but it is in an amazing location in the heart of old Rome, in an old building from the 1800s, and is full of charm and character. No air conditioner, and when we open the windows to get a bit of breeze, lots of voices from the tiny streets below in the crowded area near Piazza Navona. Tomorrow, we explore!


  1. So happy to hear from you! And so the adventure begins... Thank you for sharing it with us. Have fun!

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