Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rome Day 1: Navona, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, & More

By Maia Cruz

June 20, 2012

On our second day of staying in the the city of Rome we woke up and got ready for the day and then we headed to the cafe near our house. We ate some delicious pastries and drank some juice and then headed out to walk around and check out the area. Around the area of our house we saw a bunch of fountains and cute shops and we passed by a beautiful church. After we scouted out the area we went to the Pantheon. The Pantheon was filled with really beautiful old paintings and sculptures and I learned that the building was more than 2000 years old.

In the Pantheon the dome shaped ceiling had square carvings. There were bunches of marble collums and everyone had a designed carving at the top it looked really lovely. We saw the outside of the tomb of Raphiel and beside it was a lovely sculpture which Raphiel's aprentice made. After we checked everthing out at the Pantheon we headed out. We sat on the steps at the outside of the Pantheon and took out our map to see where we would go next. After we looked at the map we got up and started walking to our next destination: The Spanish Steps.

On our way to the steps we stopped by this cart that sold fruit and granitas. I got a pineapple cup, the boys got watermellon cups and we got due (two) cups of lemon granitas. There was a fountain that resembled a sinking boat  and behind it was the spanish steps. The Spanish Steps made me feel like I was in Roman Holiday. When I started walking upthe steps I remembered the scene from Roman Holiday where she ate her gelato and put the cone on one of the steps and left it there. The steps were beautiful and packed with tourists.

We walked up all the steps and went to the Villa Borghese near the steps. In the Villa we found a clock fountain and Marble Busts of famous people in history. One of the busts we found was the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci and we got a picture of dad next to it we also foun Marco Polo And Christopher Columbo.  We hung around the park for awhile and sat on the nearby bench. After that we went out of the Vills and walked around.

Ater we walked out of the Villa we started to walk around the area and we went to the river and walked along it for awhile. After we walked along the river we went to this resturaunt by the area and had lunch. We ate some pizza and pasta. After lunch we headed back to our house and there we took a nap for a long time. By the time we got up from our nap it was already the evening and very close to dinner time. We went out and walked to a gelato place near our house. We got some gelato cones and ate them by a fountain in the sqaure.

We walked along the river again and we found some stands with books and jewelry and when all the stands ended we found the Castel S. Angelo a huge old castle. We looked at the castle for awhile and hung out by the river and then we headed home again. We also saw the St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, really amazing. When we were walking home we went on the bridge on the river and we saw some really awesome statues. When we got home we went to bed and that concludes our second day in Rome.

More photos of our Europe trip.

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