Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rome Day 4: Shopping Streets and Trastavere Nightlife

By Eva Babauta

June 23, 2012

This morning Leo and I walked to the corner of our narrow cobble stoned street to have capuccino at the Sali & Tabacchi RistoCocktailBar. Since we arrived here the cafe/bar has been our breakfast spot and Leo and I walk there every morning to use the internet and read a bit while the kids get ready for another day of walking. They join us when they've finished dressing for some pasteries before heading out to explore another of Rome's historic districts.

The Trevi Fountain was so impressive that the girls wanted to go back to see it before we made our way to a well known shopping area near the Spanish Steps. After a long walk window shopping and haircut (Leo needed a shave) we decided to have lunch at Montecarlo which is suppposed to be one of the best pizza joints in Rome. It was close to nap time for us so we walked back to our apartment and spent what was left of the afternoon resting.

In the evening we walked to Trastevere where we visited Via De S. Pietro. There were paintings of the Stations of the Cross along the brick wall going up the steps to the church. It is said that this church was built on the spot where Saint Peter was crucified. We read later that this was a mistake and that he was not hung there. From the church we walked to Piazzale Garibaldi where there is an amazing view of the city. While there we witnessed a young Italian gentleman propose to his girlfriend.They looked so happy and so in love! (We took some photos of them embracing after the proposal and later emailed them to the young man, Andrea.)

The walk back down the hill to Piazza S. Maria In Trastevere was nice. We ate at a little pizza place nearby and then had some gellato in the square while we watched a couple of grown men entertaining the crowd by break dancing. It was interesting. We were also fortunate to be able to watch a magic show! We were enthralled as we watched the performer stick a sword through his throat while making ahhing noises. Unfortunately, it was getting late and although the magic show had not ended we were tired and so we made our way back home.

Trastavere, and Rome in general, was packed with people going out on the town, having drinks and going dancing. It was quite a scene! Romans love their nightlife.

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