Thursday, July 5, 2012

Antibes Beach!

By Eva Babauta

July 3, 2012

We rented an apartment in old Antibes very near some of the nicest beaches I've been to. The apartment has two bedrooms and one loft like room with a double bed where Maia and the babies have been sleeping. It's got a small but nice kitchen and one bathroom. There's no air conditioning here but with the windows open it's not too hot. There is always a cool breeze and at night it gets a little cold. Across the street from our apartment there is a restaurant and we can smell the food cooking in their kitchen and hear the people talking and having a good time.

This morning we took our time getting ready. Instead of going out for breakfast we ate in the apartment. It was a nice relaxing morning but the kids were eager to get to the beach. When we left the apatment it was lunch time so we walked a few minutes before we found a little vegetarian restaurant that Leo had read about that we decided to try.

We ate lunch at Chez Helen. The woman who owns the restaurant is from England and has been living in France for eight years. She is the cook/waitress and makes everything herself! We thought that that was impressive and Maia was curious about how she started because she is hoping to someday do the same thing. When we asked the woman about it she said that she started as a waitress.

We were very excited about this place that we decided to order all of the entrees (there were 5) and each one came with a salad made up of shreded beets carrots purple cabbage arugala and a light dressing. Seth wanted the hummus with carrots and bread. Maia and Leo thought that the french onion soup would be good so they ordered that to share. We all had a little bit of everything: bangers and mash -- mashed potatoes vegan sausages shreded purple cabbage and gravey, lasagna, chili sin carne with brown rice, cordon bleu -- made with seitan, shepherd's pie,
cheesecake with cream and apple crumble with butter for dessert. A bottle of red wine for me and Leo.

After lunch we went to a cool book store before heading to the beach.

The beach was sandy not shallow good for swimming. The water was cool nice because it was a hot afternoon. There were lots of people on the beach sun bathing (old and young) children playing in the sand and swimming men and women cuddling in the water families tossing balls to each other topless women sleeping on towels in the sun. It was interesting to watch everyone and all of them seemed to be comfortable in their own skin.

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