Saturday, July 14, 2012

Antibes to Barcelona

By Rain Babauta

July 6, 2012

Today was by far the longest travel day we have had (not including planes). We were setting out to get to Barcelona, Spain. We got up a little earlier than usual to get breakfast at a little pastry store (patisserie). The store also had bread carved out to look like fancy cups and other cool stuff like that. When we each finished our pastries, we set out to the train station.

The first train would take us to Nice Ville where we got on another train to Toulon. There, we got pizza across the street from the train station. We got two cheese pizzas to go so that we could eat on the train ride. It took a long while later to get to our next stop which was in Montpellier. There, the buildings were nice, the sidewalks were clean, and there were nice trains taking people around the city. We walked around the area near the station because we had an hour to kill. On our way back we were slightly hungry so we got pastries and ate them at the station. The next train took us to Figueres where we had to board the next train immediately because the next one arrived around the same time we did.

We finally made it to Barcelona after the very long train ride. We arrived around dinner time and we were all tired and hungry. First we were going to look for a restaurant close by. Luckily, there was one right next door to us! The place was called Sesamo. We ordered pad thai, gnocchi, potatoes, and curry. We were exhausted so we slowly climbed the stairs to the apartment and went to bed.

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