Saturday, July 14, 2012

Antibes Day 3

By Maia Cruz

July 5, 2012

On our last day in Antibes we got ready for the day, and hung around the house for a little while. Around lunchtime we got out of the house. For lunch went to a vegetarian restaurant called Chez Helen. At Chez Helen we got some very delicious dishes. I got the Cordon Bleu -- it was seitan steak stuffed with goat cheese and breaded on the outside. The Cordon Bleu was yummy, the cheese stuffed inside was really gooey and the bread crumbs on the outside made it crunchy.

After we ate lunch, we walked around the area. We saw some shops, some restaurants and we got some gelato. The gelato shop we went to had really good gelato-- I got some sort of almond cookie gelato. My gelato was delicious --it was creamy and tasted like almonds and cinnamon.  We ate our gelato and then headed back to the house we were staying in.

After we hung around the house for awhile we went to the beach near the area. We stopped by a little beach gear shop by the beach and got some stuff, like a mat and some beach toys -- I got some purple goggles. We went to the beach and put down our mat, where mom and dad sunbathed. I put on my goggles and headed for the water. In the water I tried swimming down to the bottom and I saw some grayish white fish.

The boys went out to the deeper water and I stayed in the middle trying to do handstands and flips. Later on dad came in the water and taught some swimming tips. I was swimming around when a girl about my age came up and introduced herself. The girl's name was Sylvia and she lived in Boston. Sylvia and I talked for awhile and swam and later on she had to leave.

We left the beach and went back home to shower. We got ready and then went out to go to dinner. We went to dinner at an Asian restaurant. We ordered some Thai curry, spring rolls, fried rice, pad thai, potstickers and tofu. I liked the curry it had bamboo shoots and  bell peppers.

After dinner we went out to get some crepes for dessert. We found a small place and got some crepes -- I got crepes filled with nutella. We listened to a little three-man band perform some old-time jazz music in the square while we ate the crepes.

After we got crepes we went to a playground where we played for awhile and then we went home.

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