Saturday, July 14, 2012

Barcelona Day 1

By Justin Cruz

July 7, 2012

It was our first day in Spain, and as you’d expect. we were excited to be in a new city, and a new country. To start off, we got up and went searching for Chocolate con Churros, the absolutely scrumptious looking breakfast native to Barcelona. On the way, we also saw some green parrot-like birds flying around freely in a park. We went to a few different restaurants and cafes, but not a one had them, so we ended up stopping at a cafe/bar for croissants and donuts. Not the chocolate churros, but still good, and no one was complaining. After a quick trip to the grocery store, where we could not find any peanut butter, and another quick trip to drop them off at home, we set out again to explore Barcelona.

First to a street market in the El Raval district, where we stopped to check out the mostly hand-made merchandise. Not far from there, we found a historical hospital with a garden in its center courtyard decorated with flowers, statues, and a fountain. From there we walked to St. Josep’s Boqueria. It was huge. We wanted to go in, but there was barely any breathing space with the crowd and all, so instead we kept walking, now looking for somewhere to have lunch. We chose Maoz, which was a restaurant I had never heard of, but was supposed to be pretty popular not only in Europe, but in the US too.

We grabbed some falafels to go and ate them on a fountain at the nearby Plaza Real. It was the best first falafel ever. On we went, our next stop: the Catedral in old town Barcelona (the Gothic Quarter). It was a pretty sight from the outside, but we didn’t go in, instead we sat on the steps and listened to the music of nearby street performers. Then, on our way to the next sight, we stopped to at a gelateria/cafe for the best breakfast food in Barcelona: Chocolate con Churros. We had been looking forward to these since the week we started planning our vacation. They were worth the wait. Churros dipped in melted chocolate is the best idea ever.

Then we set out for the alley between Carrer de la Princesa and the Passeig del Born, Barcelona’s (not so) secret boutique lined street. Everything was top quality, and yet it was nearly deserted. Not a bad combination. From there, we walked to Parc de Ciudad, a huge park similar to Golden Gate Park, for some much needed mid-day relaxation before heading on home.

After even more relaxation in our apartment, we went to dinner at Juicy Jones for some great tasting vegetarian food. Then we went to explore the city. We hit Las Ramblas at night, with tons of people walking around, and Mirar de Colon, a huge monument in the middle of a traffic circle near the water. We then found Port Vell, an amazing walkway into the water, lit up beautifully. There were restaurants and shops and a huge movie theater and lovely views of the water. It was a nice sight to end our first day in Spain.


  1. Very nice pictures..hope you enjoyed your family trip to Barcelona

  2. It reminds me my vacation with my family in Spain...It's such an awesome country! Lovely photos. Have fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time in Barcelona.

  4. I can see that your family enjoyed the trip to Spain. I've been looking through your family’s picture and chocolate con churros got my attention. It looks yummy!

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  6. I love perfect family pictures.. i am sure you enjoyed your trip alot.

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