Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bologna to Cinque Terre

By Maia Cruz

June 30, 2012

We got up in the morning to get ready for our travel day from Bologna to Cinque Terre. Our hotel in Bologna was really nice and was air-conditioned, which we loved because it was so hot. There were some nice ladies there too -- they helped us with everything and they were very polite. We got ready and then headed down to the dining room where we ate from the many choices of breakfast food --including hot chocolate -- yum! After we ate some pastries and drank some juice, we went upstairs to get our bags.

At the train station, we took a train fron Bologna to Milano where we stopped for an hour. We walked around the station there and it was beautiful. There were all sorts of designs carved into the walls and columns and statues. We walked out of the station and headed down the street, checking out the area. We came to this market where they sold clothes, bathroom products and food. We walked around the market and it was huge -- there were so many stands with different things. We got some fruit from one of the stands and headed back to the train station.

From Milano, we rode on a train to La Spezia. It was three hours long. I was so bored. When we arrived in La Spezia, we then took a short train ride to Riomaggiore, a town in the Cinque Terre. After we got off the train, we went into town where we searched for our hotel. We walked up a lot of stairs before we found out we were on the wrong road but on the bright side we visited a lookout with a view of a deep blue ocean that sparkled under the sun, and saw some churches with interesting carvings at the top of the churches. We found our hotel and then they showed us our apartment nearby.

The apartment we got was really nice with a soft, blue bedspread in my room -- it had a balcony with a view of the town. After we rested for a while, we then went into town and ate dinner. We had some pasta with pesto sauce (my favorite in the whole meal) and some pizza. The pesto was delicious, thick, and creamy. After we ate, we went home and went to bed.


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