Friday, June 26, 2009

Japan Day 13 - Disney Sea

By Rain and Justin

Once upon a time, in the land of Japan, on a rainy day, a family went to Tokyo Disney Sea. A place like Disney Land, but with rides for the older kids.

At the entrance there was this huge globe fountain. It looked pretty cool. There was water drifting down the globe like a clear sheet.

The buildings near the globe made a pretty good impression of old Manhatten. Steam even came out of the fake manholes when it was cold. And the cars were good too.

In that volcano was the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. It was a roller coaster-like ride through a place that looked like what the center of the earth was in the movie. There was a really loud monster, weird things that ate moss off giant mushrooms, and a huge drop. At the end you go out to the side of the mountain, and you can see how ultra high you are before the cart goes down.

It was a very rainy day when we got there, but luckily, it dried up later. And Noelle was wearing a cute poncho!

The buildings look realistic at the Arabian coast area. They were the best life size building models we saw at the park. And the models were all very good!

The Mermaid castle was Noelle's favorite place. There were Jumping Jellyfish, a Theater, and an explore the sea place. It was more of a kids' place. But there was a cool roller coaster. It was kinda fast.

There was ab Indiana Jones ride. They took a picture of us so we could how scared we were. We were all smiling just in case. We already rode a ride that took our picture.

This is young Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, he was too short to ride, but we got him an Indiana Jones hat. He was pretty happy after that, even though he missed the one ride he was looking forward to.

The Sinbad ride was the Small World of Disney Sea. It was kinda boring (it was in Japaese). We pretty much just a ride through a bunch of scenes from the book.

Aquapolis was a fun ride. We got in these little floaters and they took us on a spinny (but kinda relaxing) ride through a little pond like body of water. Us boys liked it enough to ride it twice.

We met Goofy! He acted funny. But Noelle got too scared to take a picture with him. We'd love that job.

This lovely building will change your life. The Tower of Terrer houses a scary story, followed up by probably Disney's most thrilling ride. It takes you up super high, so high you can see the whole park. Then FLASH! It takes a picture of the paranoid look on your face, and drops you. Then it repeats the process a couple times without the picture.

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