Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day Two!

By: Chloe

Today was our second day in Japan, though it was actually our first day of exploring Tokyo. We ate breakfast at our hotel this morning and headed to the airport where we waited for a bus. From there, we went through a long series of transferring from bus to bus to taxis to our temporary apartment in Shinjuku. By lunch time, we began walking around and rode the underground train to get to the busiest part of the district, where we delved into different streets and stores.

Rain, Seth, and Justin in their new room.

A chef from the tiny restaurant where we ate lunch.

Our first time riding the Tokyo trains together.

The waitress wanted a picture with me for some reason.

Maia hitting a wooden hollowed-out sheep at a carving exhibit we came across in the Keio mall.

We visited a park in Shinjuku where there were lots of trees and this man-made waterfall/fountain.

Tokyo at night. Breathtaking!

Rain attempting to use chopsticks at a very authentic Japanese restaurant.

These girls giggled when my dad asked to take a picture with them. I wonder why?

Another interesting fountain we saw in the city.

All of us, except for Eva who was taking the picture, by a LOVEly statue we saw.

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