Friday, June 26, 2009

Japan Day 7 - Odaiba

By: Eva and Maia

Today our family went to Odaiba -- a large man made island that is home to alot of cool looking buildings and fun things for the kids to do. Our first stop was Sega Joypolis -- a very big indoor amusement park. One of their favorite rides was the Spin Bullet. It looked like lots of fun from where I was watching. From Joypolis we walked to a science museum where the kids got to learn about different things. Then we walked to a cool shopping center where we had dinner and did some shopping.

Me and the kids at Tokyo's only beach.

Leo and Seth play a game at Sega Joypolis. They were really having fun.

Rain and Justin pose in front of the House of the Dead ride/game.

Dippin Dots ice cream! mmm GOOD!

The gigantic ferris wheel that Leo and the four big kids rode on before we made our way back home. Seth, Noelle, and mommy waited safely on the ground. I was too chicken to go on so I happily volunteered to watch the babies. =)

Chloe inside Venus Fort. Really cool -- the ceiling looks like the sky and there is a sunset every so often.

Mega Web -- showcase of Toyota's automotive technology. The kids had fun playing the Prius computer game. They learned a little bit about how hybrid cars work.

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