Friday, June 26, 2009

Japan Day 9 - Shinjuku Gardens

By Chloe

We explored Shinjuku a bit today, and after going to an international bookstore, we walked over to the Shinjuku Gardens. The gardens were very beautiful and expansive. Dad, Justin, Rain, Maia, and I had traditional Japanese green tea in a small tea house within the gardens, which had a very interesting taste. During the night, we walked around Shinjuku and got lost on our way back through the subway stations. It was interesting that while we were in the station at around ten or eleven pm, it was extremely crowded. The night life is crazy there! We were even able to watch a local band perform outside and a crazy guy playing the drums.

From across the street, we saw a couple with a pet monkey! We ran over to see it and so did some other people. Seeing the little leashed monkey was one of the highlights of our day.

The gardens were really nice and the other kids had a good time looking into the large pond, watching the fish. While we hung out at the bridge, Noelle would pick up rocks from one area and walk somewhere else to scatter the rocks. I'm not sure why she did that, but I'm glad she was entertained.

We took a break from walking at this tree while Noelle napped.

We ate at a Thai restaurant that night and the drinks were served in these cool cups. The drink was a yellow color, and we all thought it was just water that looked different in the cup. Seth didn't like it though and later we discovered that the drink wasn't water, but some sort of tea.

After dinner and a bit of shopping, we enjoyed crepes.

There was a nice Japanese-style house in the gardens that was open for visiting. It had a great view of the ponds, trees, and the rest of the gardens.

At night, all the buildings in Tokyo look really similar, so it was pretty easy to get lost.

We got to the apartment pretty late last night, but Rain and I watched videos on my iPod on the train as usual.

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