Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're leaving on a jet plane

We're headed to the airport, leaving in a couple of hours. We're already checked in (online of course) and we have no luggage to check, only carry-ons -- we like to keep things simple. :)

We're all super excited to see Tokyo for the first time and get to know Japan as much as we can in two weeks.

Here's a few comments from each of us as we prepare to board our jet plane:

Chloe: For lack of a better adjective, I'm excited! I woke up maybe four times last night and counted the hours until we leave to Japan. It was hard for me to sleep last night because I was worried about what might go wrong on the plane or on the trip, and also because I was happy that we were going to Japan.

Justin: I'm excited! Can't wait to go to Joyopolis, or eat Sushi and Fish and stuff. It'll be fun being in a different country for a while.

Rain: Im very excited and I want to learn new things about Japan culture and I want to get new games.

Maia: I'm real excited I'm looking forward to going to the cool shops and stuff plus I'm excited about Disney Land

Eva: I am NOT looking forward to the plane ride there ... happy that Leo and I are taking the kids to Japan. It'll be quite the adventured traveling with our SIX kids. =) I just hope that all goes well and that the kids have loads of fun.

Leo: We're trying to keep a relaxed outlook on this trip and keep things as simple as possible. We know things will go wrong, but we're looking at it as part of the adventure. We don't have a set itinerary but have a good long list of things we'd like to do, and each day we'll decide what to do based on how we feel that day. We're keeping things simple: no luggage except carry ons, just a few clothes that we'll wash when we're there (we have an apartment with a washing machine). And most of all, we want to be present, fully enjoy Japan, and have a great time. Stress-free travel.

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