Friday, June 26, 2009

Japan Day 10 - Roppongi

By Chloe

Today was Fathers' Day! We had a late start because we were having trouble deciding what to do, so we missed having lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Roppongi that Dad had wanted to go to. Instead, we went to a Chinese restaurant which was very fancy, and completely empty (besides the waiters, of course) because it was past lunchtime. While we were walking to the Mexican restaurant, we passed by the Don Quijote store and then headed back there after lunch. Later, we went to Tokyo Midtown - a huge, fancy department store. Eva and I would laugh every time we'd talk about Japanese department stores because they were so different from any department store we'd been to before, like Macy's. Tokyo Midtown had many high-class shops with small restaurants on the first floor, where we ate for dinner.

Dad and Noelle waiting for the train when we were heading to a late lunch at three pm.

The Chinese restaurant was expensive, but the food sure was delicious!

The Don Quijote store! It was amazing, and truly did have "everything known to man" from nail decorations to giant live fish!

Dad and Noelle sitting on a cool bench outside of Tokyo Midtown.

Some of the food at Tokyo Midtown's food court. I had the best sandwich EVER there!

They had a small bookstore there and we read there for awhile, but most of the books were in Japanese.

The food court's walls were decorated like a chalkboard, with food-related quotes, recipes, and drawings of food all over.

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