Friday, June 12, 2009

We're in Japan!

It's almost 10 p.m. here in Narita and we're all tired, getting ready for bed here in our hotel -- the Crown ANA Narita Hotel. We're here in Japan! Woo hoo!

We're just staying in this hotel overnight and then will head in to Tokyo in the morning, where we'll get the keys to our 3-bedroom apartment (we rented a nice-looking apartment with a little space, since there's 8 of us) in Shinjuku.

More below:

Chloe and Maia on the plane. It was a 3 hr, 45 min flight, not bad at all. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

Justin and Rain also got window seats. Lucky bums. They played video games in the Northwest Airlines interactive video system.

Seth and I sat together. He had cookies for a snack, played with Star Wars figurines, and watched Nickelodeon. I caught up with some email with Gmail offline, on my Macbook Air.

Eva and Noelle, who was as active as usual on this flight (and then fell asleep by the end).

Eva and the kids in front of a shop at the Narita airport after we went through customs and immigration. It's tough going through three checkpoints, filing papers and showing passports at each point, when you have six kids!

Chloe and Rain on the bus to the hotel.

The kids in the lobby of the hotel. It's a decent hotel -- not luxurious, but not shabby.

We were hungry so we ate dinner at a nice restaurant on the top floor with a really nice view. Eva was tired.

Justin and Rain, right before they dug their chopsticks into some fried chicken (Japanese style) and tempura.

Chloe loved the little Coke bottle and even saved it.

This was the kids meal at the restaurant -- a bit different than we're used to for kids meals, but not bad at all. Of course, the bill for dinner was ridiculous -- well over $200.

But overall we're glad to be in Japan, even if we're a bit tired right now.

I'm psyched because setting up the router was so so easy. I was a little worried because I've never set up a router in Japan -- and I have a Macbook Air, which has no Ethernet connector, the default connection for hotels and other places. But it was amazingly easy! I plugged in my router, plugged the Ethernet cable into the router, and it instantly started up and I connected on my Macbook Air! I'm happy.

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